Often in small business (and life) we focus on what went wrong and what we didn’t do well. It seems that so much time is spent focusing on the negative, being attached to the bad stuff and berating ourselves for messing up.

We feel we need to improve ‘this’ about ourselves and we need to improve ‘that’ about ourselves. That if we got good at ‘this’ or ‘that’ then things would get better and we would feel better about ourselves.

Have you ever written a long list of all the things you need improve about yourself and then tacked it on the wall to remind yourself of what is wrong with you and how you need to better yourself? Or have you ever completed a 360 degree feedback at your workplace and only noticed the areas where people feel you need to improve and then put a plan in place to overcome your deficiencies?

What if, instead, we focused on what we did well and what we have achieved, acknowledged all the amazing things we have done and recognised our own brilliance?

How would that feel?

Shifting our attention to focus on the positive doesn’t mean we should give up improving ourselves and trying to eliminate any bad habits that are holding us back. Just stop being so negative about yourself and stop focusing on what is wrong with you. Change your attitude and start to focus on all those fantastic things about YOU. Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved, not matter how seemingly small it might be.

Focus on your achievements and celebrate your brilliance

To start you off seeing how amazing you really are and giving you an opportunity to acknowledge all the fabulous things you have done, write out 100 accomplishments in your small business and life that you are proud of. Go back as far in time as you like, you can even include any childhood accomplishments.

I know 100 accomplishments seems like a lot and you will probably get stuck, as recognising and acknowledging those fantastic and positive things about you might seem so foreign. Don’t worry if you can’t think of 100 things in one sitting, give yourself a week to complete the worksheet. Just make a start. When you get stuck put it aside and carry on with your day. During the day you will likely get a flashback of something you are proud of that you can add to your accomplishments list.

Remember nothing is too small and nothing is too big.

Let this written list be the start of celebrating your brilliance. You want the practice of realising all the amazing things about you to eventually become a mental and involuntary practice, where focusing on the positive and what great things you have done is the norm.