When someone asks “So, what do you do”, is your response?

A. Short and sweet and you say something like: “I’m a designer” … ”I’m a naturopath” … ”I’m a bookkeeper”
B. You ramble for 10 minutes that you’re not even sure what it is that you do
C. You clearly communicate what you offer and its value that gets people wanting to know more

If you answered a or b, read on. If you answered c, awesome, perhaps you can skip this one.

Your elevator pitch is the 30-60 second snapshot of yourself, your small business, the value you provide and who for. Yes I know, there’s a lot to get across in a little amount of time.

Chances are you won’t actually be in the elevator when you give your elevator pitch. Instead you could be waiting in the queue for your coffee, on the bus and getting off at the next stop, in the school yard chaos picking your kids up or something much more fun like being at a cocktail party or at a wedding.

The trick to a really great elevator pitch is getting to the point, fast.

Tips for writing your elevator pitch:

Writing an elevator pitch can seem a little daunting and there are also some people that just aren’t comfortable about talking about themselves and their small business. But to keep things really simple, the other person really just wants to know who, what and why you are in business. And not necessarily in that order.

  1. Who: there are two parts to who:  1. who you are 2. who is your ideal customer
  2. What: you don’t need to go into detail of all the products and services you offer, keep it simple and broad
  3. Why: focus on the benefits and value your customer gets when they work with you

A good elevator pitch takes planning and practice to get your main message across quickly

When you deliver your elevator pitch, remember to be natural and authentic. Watch your body language and facial expressions too. It might take some practice and tweaking to get it right and to feel completely comfortable in delivering it.

Try your elevator pitch out on as many people as you can (without being annoying) and notice their reaction. Do they want to know more about what you do? If they don’t and aren’t your ideal customer, it doesn’t matter so much. But if they are your ideal customer and they don’t ask, then you will need to do some tweaking of your elevator pitch and try again.

Delivered your elevator pitch in 30-60 seconds and people are asking to know more about your small business? Then you’ve got it right.